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Cucu Retno Yuningsih, S.Sn., M.Pd

Head of the Bachelor of Visual Arts Program

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Welcome to the Visual Arts Study Program

We the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Telkom University Bandung, have been established since 1996, being the first in private institutions in Indonesia. In the last three years, we have become a part of Telkom University, with 380 active students in the Fine Arts department, particularly in Painting. We are committed to strengthening our program through collaborations, seeking new opportunities in the art world. Our 51-hectare campus is located in the south of Bandung, serving around 27,000 students, primarily in the fields of Technology and Business.

As part of Telkom Indonesia, we have the support of the largest state-owned company in Indonesia through the Telkom Education Foundation established in 1990. We invite collaborations to enhance the quality of our Fine Arts program. Although new to the larger university environment, we have a long history in the arts and are seeking expansion through cooperation. We eagerly anticipate meetings on our campus, sharing ideas, and creating opportunities together.
We look forward to meeting you on our campus.

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With the support of teaching staff, the majority of whom are practitioners in the field of product design and creative industries, we can directly provide industry experience to our students.

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Our Majors

Explore creativity and opportunities in the boundless world of art.

Painting and Illustration

The Painting and Illustration Art Program combines traditional expertise with a contemporary approach. Learn various techniques, from traditional oil painting to the production of graphic novels and 3D spatial installations. Develop technical, formal, and conceptual skills through studio production, theory, art history, and cultural studies. Experienced international and local faculty guide you through the complex world of art. As a result, you'll acquire the ability to think creatively, critically, and realize ideas in visual form, applicable to various visual arts professions.


The Photography Program enables critical and creative exploration of photography and media. Through major projects and contemporary modules, you integrate a critical approach to photography. The flexible program with optional modules involves cultural policies, film industry, film and TV writing, feminism in media, and more. Guided by leading instructors, the teaching is based on the latest research.

Intermedia Arts

Intermedia supports interdisciplinary works through hybrid practices and new media, connected to conceptual investigations. Our coursework innovation emphasizes the application of new media, theories, practices, cultural perspectives, and critical discourse. You design your own curriculum by incorporating courses from other art and design departments. Supported by faculty, exploration involves guest artists, field trips, internships, off-campus projects, and special projects. We create and investigate within the context of contemporary culture.


Program Accreditation

The Visual Arts Program at Tel-U has obtained the 'Excellent' accreditation from BAN-PT, with accreditation SK number. 4990/SK/BAN-PT/Ak.Ppj/S/XI/2023. This achievement reflects our dedication to the quality of visual arts education.


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Tel-U supports students in both academic and non-academic aspects by implementing comprehensive policies and providing excellent facilities, as well as various activity units to enrich their experiences.

10 January 2024
08:00 - 17:00
Fakultas Industri Kreatif, Gedung Bangkit Telkom University Jl. Telekomunikasi Terusan Buah Batu Indonesia 40257, Bandung, Indonesia
Bandung, Indonesia

Marilah bergabung dalam seminar lukis kami, wujudkan kreativitas bersama! Segera daftar dan temukan inspirasi baru dalam seni lukis yang menarik dan edukatif.


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Manifestation of inspiring achievements by students and faculty.