Rekomendasi Bidang Pekerjaan

Working Fields Recomendations

Artist/Seniman: Painting Artist, Sculptor, Photography Artist, Ceramic Artist, and other Artistry Fields

Illustrator, Visualizer

Exhibition Manager, Art Event Manager

Gallery/Museum Manager

Creative Division and Art Directing

Art/Creativepreneur, Chief Creative Officer

Art Curator, Critics

Aesthetics Consultant, Brand/Image Consultant

Art Educator, Teacher, Docent (require Master degree in Fine Art as next step)

In-house research and development (product etc)

Applied Art (Comic Artist, Jewelery, etc)

Art Restorator, Art Historian, Cultural fields, etc

A Bright Future Awaits Graduates of Creative Arts Major


Guys, do not be afraid to choose art majors. Art promises many job opportunities you may never have imagined. Not only the graduates of economics, health, or engineering who have a great chance of getting a prestigious job.

Arts departments, especially fine arts, also have a great chance of getting a job with a fantastic salary. Graduates majoring in fine arts are also targeted by big companies. So, for you Telkom University (Tel-U) student candidate who wants to study in fine art department, now you do not have to worry anymore right? Well, want to know what are the job opportunities for art graduates? Find the answer here.


Golden Opportunity to Become a Teacher

If you have a teaching passion, try to be a lecturer or art teacher at school. It’s a golden opportunity for you guys. Why? Currently the number of people who seriously pursue the field of art is quite small, let alone to teach.

This could be a golden opportunity for art students to become teachers in schools ranging from kindergarten to university, both at home and abroad. Believe me, you will not lose the chance to work. Whatever course you take in college, it will be needed in the real world!


Most Wanted

Nowadays graphic designers are most sought after by companies. Many alumni of Telkom University’s Arts Department are working in the field of graphic design. Not only as an illustrator, moreover, the graphic designer who created typography, photography, motion graphics, is needed by many offices. Graphic designer or graphic designer are in charge of beautifying displays, whether it is a website, brochures, or even flyers. Well, this is an opportunity that you can take advantage, guys.


Almost All Offices Need Illustrators

Lately, the visualizer is desperately needed in all areas. The reason, this is the main attraction of a product. Well, here the creative touch of an illustrator is very important. Currently, almost all offices require illustrators. Illustrators are usually tasked with creating the images that a company needs for advertising or company product support.


Gold Mine for Fine Arts Graduates

Currently, housing and office building projects are getting more and more intensive. People are competing to make the design as unique as possible. Interior designers will be much needed by the contractor to take care of matters relating to interior design. Well, this fresh breeze seems very unfortunate for you to miss guys.

So, for you prospective art students of Telkom University, take advantage of this best opportunities. After graduation later, your competition is with the architects. But, relax guys, during college years in Telkom University’s art majors, you will be provided with skill on constructive drawings and exterior and interior monumental art subjects. So, you do not need to be afraid, right?


Open a Clothing Arts Business

You and your friends want to make your class’s t-shirt? The first place to go is usually clothing arts place. Yep, today, clothing arts is popular and has a high prestige. Many enthusiasts, not only people in the country, but it has also penetrated to abroad.

Well, it’s good if you not only become a consumer, it would be great if you can open your own clothing arts business. Guys, apparently this is a very good venture for art students. Why? In addition to sharpening the ability to draw, clothing arts also train the skills of doing business. Well, can be a double bonus, right


Show off your work in the Gallery

The gallery is closely related to art. The graduates of art majors certainly have a myriad of experiences in producing artwork. Especially works in the form of art, such as paintings, sculptures, and others. Well, it’s time you gave birth to a work of art from your own hands.

After that, you can display the works of art that you produce in an art gallery. It can also be used as a brand itself which characterizes your works. So why not trying to open a gallery by yourself?


Time to Shine! Bright Future for Art Curators

Are you interested in becoming an art curator? Curators are administrators or supervisors of art or cultural heritage institutions, such as museums and galleries. The task of the curator is to select and take care of museum objects or artwork on display and its inventory.

Every art show, needs a curator. A curator of the painting must know the contents and meaning of paintings painted by the painter. After knowing the contents and meaning of the aesthetics, the curator must understand the value of the painting.

In addition to having the ability to assess and analyzing painting, the curator plays a role in lifting the value of painting for altering the collector’s decisions to purchase. To determine the value of the painting, the first thing a curator should do is to determine who the owner of the work. Unfortunately, the assessment of paintings is often influenced by the artist’s artistic journey and influenced by market interest.

Are you interested in becoming an art curator, guys? If you are interested, there is good news. Professional salary received by an art curator is amazing! Once invited in art exhibitions, senior curators can get around Rp 40 million to Rp 50 million per exhibition. Amazing, right?

As for you the young curator or junior, professional salary that you can get ranges between Rp 3 million to Rp 10 million for each exhibition. So, there is no hesitation to be an art curator, right?

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